Stair-like Multivariable Generalized Predictive Control of Pulverizing System in Thermal Power Plants

Jiansheng ZHANG, Gang ZHANG, Yaokui GAO, Yong HU


Pulverizing system is an important part in the clean and efficient utilization of coal in thermal power plant, and the optimal control of the system is an important way to achieve this goal. This paper presents a stair-like multivariable generalized predictive control scheme for a pulverizing system. This control scheme focuses on the problem of predictive control algorithm in practical application, and integrates the feedforward experience in traditional control schemes of pulverizing system. Simulation results showed that the scheme are able to realize the decoupling control of the pulverizing system, avoid the problem of matrix inversion, reduce the amount of calculation, and has certain engineering application value.


Power Plants; Pulverizing System; Predictive Control;

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