Estimate of Geopressures using Conformal Mapping in Eccentrical Wellbores

Uyara Ferreira Silva, Santiago Lemos, Manoel Ivany de Queiroz Júnior, Wesley Pacheco Calixto, Nikholas Segatti, Geovanne Pereira Furriel, Alan Henrique Ferreira Silva


The purpose of this work is to calculate Surge and Swab pressure in oil wells with eccentricity between drill string and wellbore or casing string. Analysis of this phenomenon, in which the fluid is confined between two eccentric cylinders, are made. The conformal mapping is used to lead the eccentric domain into the concentric domain, since the usual models correspond to concentric geometries. The results of this study, using the proposed methodology, are presented and discussed.


conformal mapping, Surge pressure, Swab pressure, yield power law drilling fluid, annulus geometry.

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