A turbine energy storage utilization evaluate method in thermal power unit

Qingru CUI, Yanqiu ZHENG, Yaohan WANG, Deliang ZENG


In China, the improvement of thermal power unit's operational flexibility is an important way to solve the clean energy absorption problem. The comprehensive utilization of steam turbine energy storage is an effective way to improve the load regulation performance of thermal power unit. A turbine energy storage utilization comprehensive evaluate method is presented. In the method the unit performance influence and equipment safety influence of energy storage are normalizes as a single object optimization problem. The comprehensive index calculation result is used in online optimization of storage power utilizing range limiting. Test result shows that the comprehensive index calculation method can help restrain the negative influence of turbine energy storage utilization on equipment operation safety, thereby improves availability of the energy storage system and improves the operating flexibility of thermal power unit.


thermal unit; dynamic performance; operation safety; comprehensive index


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22149/teee.v3i1.128


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