Housing Development Building Management System (HDBMS) For Optimized Electricity Bills

Weixian Li, Thillainathan Logenthiran, Van-Tung Phan, Wai Lok Woo


Smart Buildings is a modern building that allows residents to have sustainable comfort with high efficiency of electricity usage. These objectives could be achieved by applying appropriate, capable optimization algorithms and techniques. This paper presents a Housing Development Building Management System (HDBMS) strategy inspired by Building Energy Management System (BEMS) concept that will integrate with smart buildings using Supply Side Management (SSM) and Demand Side Management (DSM) System. HDBMS is a Multi-Agent System (MAS) based decentralized decision making system proposed by various authors. MAS based HDBMS was created using JAVA on a IEEE FIPA compliant multi-agent platform named JADE. It allows agents to communicate, interact and negotiate with energy supply and demand of the smart buildings to provide the optimal energy usage and minimal electricity costs.  This results in reducing the load of the power distribution system in smart buildings which simulation studies has shown the potential of proposed HDBMS strategy to provide the optimal solution for smart building energy management.


Power distribution system, Smart Buildings, Multi-agent system, Demand side management, Supply side management, Building energy management system, Housing development building management system, Electricity bills

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